In a world full of cheap compact mixers, Soundcraft has achieved something exceptional with the Soundcraft M Series. Equally suited to recording and live sound applications, the Soundcraft M Series delivers a great-sounding, reliable performance, session after session, mix after mix. A mixer for life.

Sound Craft Spirit M12

  • Specifications
    *4, 8 or 12 input versions
    *S/PDIFDigital output
    *4, 8 or 12 input versions
    *S/PDIFDigital output
    *Low noise, low distortion and RF rejection mic preamps
    *Great British EQ with HF range improvements
    *Ground tracking architecture minises noise and hum
    *100mm fader throw
    *Professional grade connections throughout
    *IMaster gain control on all aux busses
    *Switchable direct outputs
    *Intelligent rackmounting system
    *Direct outputs ( pre or post fade ) on all mono channels
    *Signal present and peak LEDs on all input channels
    *Mute and PFL on all input channels
    *4 Stereo inputs on all variants
    *4 Stereo returns & return master for FX returns.