Fixed position (manual and vertical angle adjustment) searchlight which projects a single beam which moves in a fixed angle oval arc. On board speed control and uses HMI 1200 lamp. Highly suitable for lower budgets, particularly for fixed installation on retail shops, discotheques, cinemas etc.

Griven Spillo Outdoor Searchlight

  • Specifications
    Type: HMI
    Wattage (W): 1200
    Base: SFC 15,5-6
    Lamp life (h): 750
    Lumens: 110.000

    Angle: 4°

    Weather protection: IP23
    Cooling: FV

    - SIZE (mm)
    Height: 530
    Width: 320

    - WEIGHT (kg)
    Main fixture: 30

    - POWER
    Input (V): 230-240
    HZ: 50-60
    AMP: 8