Loaded with a 15“ woofer driven by 400W power amp, the Opera serves up a sizable helping of bass frequencies even without an added subwoofer. 

Easy to transport and set up, it offers utmost handling convenience paired with excellent audio quality.


  • Specifications

    *Speaker Type: 2-Way Active Speaker
    *Frequency Response [-10dB]: 52 - 20.000 Hz
    *Frequency Response [+/- 3dB]: 60 - 19.000 Hz
    *Max SPL: 127 dB
    *HF: 1 "
    *Type HF: Compression driver
    *Directivity: 80/65 x 60 °
    *Horn: Asymmetrical CD Horn
    *LF: 15 "
    *Amp Technology: digipro®
    *Amp Class: Class D
    *Power PRG: 400 Watt
    *Controller: DSP 24bit/48kHz
    *System Presets: Flat, Processed
    *Limiter: Dual Active Peak, RMS, Thermal
    *Housing: Polyporpylen PP
    *Angles Up: Monitor use 43 °
    *Width: 432 mm (17.28 in)
    *Height: 655 mm (26.2 in)
    *Depth: 353 mm (14.12 in)
    *Weight: 16,7 kg (35.27 lbs)