Variable beam, precise control and shaping of the beam using integral shutter masks. Excellent image pattern projectors.

Wide angle beam range 3-20m/10-65ft throw distances. Simple lamp alignment delivers maximum light output and beam quality. Interchangeable lens systems between the two models.

600w Profile

  • Specifications

    *Beam angle range 24°-44°
    *Colour frame size 125mm x 125mm 4 7/8” x 4 7/8”
    *Cable length 1m 3ft
    *Pattern/gobo size M
    *Accessories pattern holder / iris / lens safety mesh / 18°-34° lens tray
    *Weight 5.6kg / 12lb5oz
    *Typical performance 24°-44° at 24° Peak – 95,000 cd Flat – 35,000cd
    24°-44° at 44° Peak – 50,000 cd Wide – 25,000cd
    *Useful throw distances 3-20m 10-65ft